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19 July 2012 @ 08:13 am
I cannot stand her. I really can't. She so much better than me and the shitty part is that she knows it. She walks around like she's the greatest thing in the world.. she looks at me like I'm nothing ..and i believe it. She's prettier than me, and everyone loves her.. but what really gets me is that she's skinnier than me. She is the BIGGEST trigger of my eating disorder. She makes me want to waste away to nothing. Right now everything is HER HER HER and i just want it to be me, just once. I just want her to walk into the room and look at me with that longing to be thin, the way i look at her everyday. Just once..
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18 July 2012 @ 07:47 pm

Hi there, I just thought i would take the chance to tell a little about myself. 

I'm Markie. I'm sixteen and I'm a Bulimic/Purge Type Anorexic. My disorder consumes me completely and fully. I also have Major Re-occurrent Depression and Panic Disorder but they are not life threatening now, are they? I know that i'm in great danger, that i might even be dying but it doesn't really sink in. Is anyone else in my situation? I would love to get in contact with other bulimics and anorexics and offer support and meaningful conversation. Get in contact with me please 

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